Yoga with Rachael in Brighton: Testimonials from Students

Group classes:

  • I have been practising yoga on and off for over 25 years and trained in Iyengar and Ashtanga yoga.  I love Rachael’s classes, for me they hit just the right point – plenty of core work and just the right level of difficulty.  I love working on the breath with her and I usually feel just the right amount of challenge during a class.  She is super friendly and very normal!  I never feel intimidated.  Very happy!”  Zoe
  • …a huge thank you for being such an amazing yoga teacher. I came away feeling restored from my currently demanding workload. And I had such a surge of energy.  Amazing!”  Email from student Nov 2017
  • “Rachael is an excellent yoga guide. In the sessions which I have attended she uses relatively easy yoga positions but through personal feedback and focusing on small details of posture and breath she achieves deep effects. Her sessions are full of mindfulness and I carry her approach home with me each week. Highly recommended!” Charles
  • Rachael’s class is unselfconsciously deep.  The class progresses through the asanas with mindful breath and inward focus.  It’s a great way to relax and come into the present without being overly strenuous.  Rachael sensitively notices each individual’s ability and makes effortless and unobtrusive adjustments.”  Jo 
  • I was quite new to yoga when I first attended Rachael’s classes.  The sessions are very relaxed; there’s a strong emphasis on finding correct form and alignment but its never competitive.  Variations are offered for more advanced students so its always challenging. Her kind and sensitive instruction definitely set me up for lifelong practice.”  Mike
  • I started Rachael’s yoga classes as a complete beginner. The small classes are wonderful, allowing you to go at your own pace, while receiving a great level of attention.”  Justine
  • I started yoga with Rachael when on the mend from a couple of injuries.  I was really impressed with how she was mindful to make minor changes to poses for me to accommodate these injuries.  This really reassured me and I’m delighted to say that after only about 6 sessions, I already feel the benefits of regular yoga with Rachael and am dead keen to carry on.  I highly recommend her.”  Lisa
  • Rachael is a really calm and encouraging tutor, and she clearly has a very thorough knowledge of yoga. Every week we try something new or concentrate on a particular area of the body which keeps the sessions varied. The class sizes are small so each of us gets help with the correct posture or position.  Rachael motivates me to improve, but she is never pushy and will suggest alternative ways of doing things for less experienced people. Also, the atmosphere in the class is very relaxed and friendly.” Emily
  • “Rachael’s yoga class is the highlight of my week.  We all leave feeling invigorated and more supple.  My core strength and posture have also improved and the feeling of well-being after the class is not to be underestimated.  The classes are small and Rachael is excellent at giving personalised service.   We all have areas that we are better or worse at, but there is no feeling of competition within the class.  The tailored advice allows each person to progress at their own speed and to their own capabilities.  I wish that I had discovered Rachael years ago!”  Samara
  • “Even though I’ve been going to various yoga classes for over 15 years, Rachael still teaches me something new every lesson.  I look forward to having some time just for me once a week, and I feel so stretched, toned and yet relaxed at the end of the class.”  Abi 

1-2-1 classes:

  • “I came to Rachael for some extra tuition during my teacher training with the Yoga Academy.  Rachael’s clarity and intelligent approach to every aspect of yoga from lesson planning to teaching points has helped me enormously. Her enduring interest in yoga philosophy, anatomy and the asana practice meant our sessions were lively, informative and I consider to be key to my graduation earlier this year. I am very grateful to Rachael for her guidance through the teacher training process and would recommended her without hesitation as tutor in any yoga studies.” Alex  (Yoga Academy graduate 2017)
  • My 1-2-1 lessons with Rachael have given me back something of myself that I think I lost a long time ago.  Through just 8 sessions I have reconnected with my body and found that quiet space inside myself that allows me to disconnect from all the stresses of life and just allow myself to be still and focused whilst I carry out my practice.  Rachael helped me to tailor a 30 minute practice geared to my specific problems with osteo-arthritis and osteopenia.  I feel that I am working towards better health in the future and the pain I was experiencing has reduced considerably since I started yoga with Rachael.  Being in my late 50’s I am really pleased to discover that I am still very flexible and feel that I will be able to maintain this in the long term if I continue to develop my yoga practice.” Suzanne
  • ‘I have been seeing Rachael throughout my 2 year teaching training with the Yoga Academy.  She has been enormously supportive and encouraging and has a lovely, calm presence which is exactly what you need when you feel like you’re swimming against the tide! I come out of our two hour sessions feeling confident and capable again! I have also been to her classes and observed her classes; her detail and observation is like no other teacher I’ve come across. I would highly recommend her as a mentor if you are on the teacher training journey, as a 1:1 teacher and a must if you’ve never been to her classes.” Rebecca (trainee yoga teacher)
  • I feel as if I have learnt more in four 1-2-1 sessions with Rachael than all the yoga classes I have ever been to put together.  She is a wonderful, calming and patient teacher and I have benefited enormously from our lessons.”  Sam
  • I was recommended to try yoga to manage anxiety. To start with I was a bit cynical about whether yoga would be effective for me because I find breathing in a relaxed manner quite difficult and am a bit uncoordinated! I’m also a person who doesn’t like to make mistakes, which makes learning and trying new things quite a challenge.  However, I found Rachael to be a calm, peaceful, kind and supportive person and she seemed to immediately “get” what I needed from her sessions. Without any fuss she just got on with helping me at a pace I was able to manage. After just a few one-to-one sessions, I suddenly found myself breathing in a completely different way, using all of my lung capacity. And moreover, it felt relaxing and good. I was able to breathe properly for the first time in years using muscles I’d forgotten I had. I’m more aware of my body’s reaction to stress and can use the techniques I’ve been taught to physiologically calm myself down and stop myself entering a spiral of anxiety. ”  Helen 
  • “1-2-1 yoga with Rachael gave me the opportunity to slow down and examine my yoga practice.  Rachael gently noticed areas that could be adjusted to make my practice more mindful.  It was great to have the opportunity to attend a class tailored just for you.”  Jo
  • “Rachael is an excellent teacher.  Her teaching style is supportive, gentle and very focused.  I felt very safe.  Her surroundings are just perfect.  Quiet, calm with a beautiful outlook.  I would thoroughly recommend her.”  K (attended private yoga classes whilst undergoing treatment for breast cancer)

Corporate/team-building classes:

  • “Starting a day of training as a team with some yoga had such a positive impact on the rest of the day.  Rachael led a short session that helped centre and relax people for the whole day”. David, the Grace Eyre Foundation
Testimonials for Rachael

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