I am currently attending an additional training course entitled ‘Embodied Relational Therapy: The Art of Teaching One-to-One‘, with a genuinely inspiring teacher-trainer, Kate Ellis.  Kate believes passionately that one-to-one yoga classes can help bring about ‘profound and lasting transformation’ in the student, as they give the teacher and student the opportunity to work much more deeply than in a normal group class.

It is my experience that after attending one-to-one yoga classes, students often feel more confident in their own practice and in a group scenario.  We are all different, we have different strengths and weaknesses, our bodies have experienced life differently, we each have a different way of learning and responding.  Private classes allow time to discuss and evaluate the student’s individual needs so that this becomes the baseline from which we work, enabling the student to truly embody his or her own practice.  Each session is uniquely tailored to suit the student with a sequence structured around his/her specific needs and time to explore and modify poses so that the student can get maximum benefit from the practice.

I realise that the higher cost of private classes means that they are not necessarily accessible to all students, however I would like to offer as many people as possible the chance to experience the benefits and therefore I am offering a SPECIAL REDUCED PRICE OF £25 PER ONE-TO-ONE CLASS to all those who book 4 classes with me before 30 April 2014 (to take advantage of this offer students must come to me and classes must be paid for in advance as a block of 4).